CONGRATULATIONS on taking this step towards securing your coaching future…things are about to become VERY awesome very fast!


Before you sign up and commit to the program I just want to remind you of what it is you’ll be receiving:


1 Private Mentoring Session Every Month

Private Voxer Support For 6 Months

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Immediate Access To My Complete Course Library

Participation In Any Live Program I Run That Costs The Same Or Less Than This Program


Each month will bring a different focus depending on where you’re at but MY big picture vision is that by the end of the 6 months you’ll not only be confidently and consistently selling a number of high-ticket offers but have structured your ONLINE EMPIRE in a way that allows money and clients to flow to you with ease.

It’s time to put you on the map!


I want you to add me to VOXER so download the Free Version of the Voxer App, find me MichelleHext and shoot me a message so I know you’re now in my Voxer world :-). Any problems please email me at mh@michellehext.com or message me if that’s how we’ve been communicating.

WE BEGIN THE MOMENT YOU HIT THE ENROLLMENT BUTTON and you have IMMEDIATE access to my program catalogue..I’m happy to direct you to the best program to get started on if you’re unsure so feel free to reach out to me.


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