If there’s one thing I’m known for it’s this……

I am the QUEEN of getting stuff done…… in a very short space of time….AND we’re not talking your run of the mill, everyday “stuff” but high-impact, EPIC stuff, the kind of stuff that is LIFE-CHANGING and often takes most people 10 times longer or more to get done.

And I know how to help YOU collapse timeframes as well so you can FINALLY achieve those ever elusive goals that you’ve been chasing for far too long because you lost focus or lost confidence, or let life get in the way….maybe all three…and so yet ANOTHER year passes you by without the end result you were hoping for.


Take a moment to IMAGINE what your life would look like 12 months from now if you began your year with crystal clear clarity, a clear plan and someone pushing you and supporting you every step of the way….NOT letting you quit…..NOT letting you lose focus…picking you up when you fall….encouraging you to keep going when you feel you can’t…..helping you to overcome your mental blocks….helping you cultivate breakthrough after breakthrough month after month.

THAT is what ACCELERATE is all about…..12 Months of laser-like focus and support around your biggest life goals.



Let me tell you about MY 2017.

You know all those things you wanted to achieve this year….but didn’t?

Like last year…and perhaps even the year before that?

Well isn’t it time you stopped screwing around and actually ACHIEVED them?

That’s a trick question because of course, the answer is HELL YES it is!

2017 was probably my LEAST productive year of the last 5 but I still managed to:

Kick off the year in Thailand where I trained my ass off for 3 weeks AND managed to close over $40K in business while I was on “holiday”.

Spend 3 weeks in Florida where I attended Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con as a VIP AND got to hang out with GC at a yacht party he hosted after the event closed out.

Formed a partnership (RISE) and ran events in Melbourne (twice), Perth (twice) and Sydney (and hosted my own Mastermind in Sydney 5 times).

Launched our business in the US with events in San Diego, Orange County and a VIP Day in Beverly Hills.

Spent a full month in the US with the second part of the trip being a holiday / road trip with my man.

Asked my man to marry me (he said yes).

Moved house into a gorgeous little cottage a 3-minute walk from the water.

Retired my old brand.

Started filming our RISE: The Movement The Movie while in the US.

I ran 6 short programs and or first RISE 12 Week Program on top of my usual coaching clients.

Launched our first RISE Retreat in Byron Bay (taking place at the end of November).

Wrote (but aborted) a 30,000-page manuscript and started another (currently @20,000 words).

Did over 250 livestreams.

Probably as many blogs (too many to count).

And seriously this felt like a SLOW year for me, but here’s the deal….even at half-pace I’m lapping MOST of the population.

The success I create in my life has ZERO to do with luck or being more special than anyone else out there.

It is EVERYTHING to do with output.

The MORE you do the better result you’ll get..always.

Write one blog post each month and you’re gonna get some sort of result.

Write 30 blog posts every month and you’re going to get a whole other kind of result.

More gets more.

The issue most people have with massive output is the overwhelm.

They shy away from the sheer volume of EFFORT this is going to take.

And so they don’t even try.

And they continue to pump out that 1 blog post every month and wonder why their inbox (and bank account) is empty.

The universe loves SPEED.

It loves MOMENTUM.

And one blog post a month (for example) is NOT going to create momentum.

THAT is (barely) moving forward with the breaks on.

So let’s make 2018 about OUTPUT.

And speed.

And momentum.

Trust me on this, while the effort may seem overwhelming you don’t know that because you haven’t done it yet.

To know what REALLY happens when you commit to taking DAILY action is flow.

Those times you stop to question should I write today? or should I workout today? or should I make sales calls today? or should I do a livestream today? ARE PUTTING A DENT IN YOUR FLOW.

In 2018 I want you to make the shift into doing more, MUCH more of the stuff you love and LESS (aka NONE) of the things you don’t want to do.

Doing more of what you love feels good.

And easy.

It doesn’t feel like a grind.

It feels like FLOW!


Imagine if you followed through on all of the things you “should have” done for the LAST 365 days.

Imagine that for 365 days you committed to doing what it takes.

I’d hazard to guess your life would be pretty freaking AH-MAZING!




It all begins with a half-day Success Planning ONLINE Bootcamp where I take you through a live workshop that will help you get 100% clear on what it is you TRULY want to achieve in 2018. As always, on these calls, I’m an open book so it’s also your opportunity to pick my brain and ask me any questions you have about how I’ve been able to create my own success and overcome my own hurdles.

From there we quickly get into the Rhythm of the program with our monthly Live Calls.  These calls are where I help you set your SPRINT for the month. A SPRINT is essentially code for a massive action plan that is 100% clear, 100% focused and 100% powerful. Every single item on your SPRINT LIST is designed to take you another step closer towards the goals you set in the Success Planning Bootcamp.

You’ll be working in 3-week blocks of time (SPRINTS) and then in the 4th week you’ll take your foot off the pedal, take some time out, reflect and recharge ahead of the next sprint.

The Facebook Support Group is where most of the action will take place and I’ll be in the group every day of the week answering questions, dropping in with some Facebook Live’s with bonus content and doing all I can to support you in reaching your goals.

You’ll have access to a bunch of downloadable tools that support the program and help keep you focused and taking action, if you scroll down you’ll see the list of resources but I’ll also be creating new tools on demand. If you have an idea of anything along the way that will help make the program better or help you get to your goals faster I’ll be all over it! I LOVE creating content so you’ll never have to ask me twice 🙂

I’ll also be recording a series of MASTERCLASSES based around the goals you’re setting. Each Masterclass will be delivered in the form of a pre-recorded video lesson and accompanying workbook and the idea is that you work with these Masterclasses as a way to further accelerate your specific type of goal.

I’ll be working my butt off to make sure you don’t lose steam over the course of the next 12 months and that you keep moving in the direction of your dreams and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.




We kick off with a half day online Success Planning Bootcamp where we map out the first half of 2018 including your big goals.
(Want to write that book? Speak on stage? Launch something BIG? Run a marathon? Find the love of your life?)

Then at the beginning of every month, I’ll run a Live Call where I set your SPRINT for the month ahead and host a Q&A.
We’ll work in blocks of 3-Week SPRINTS every month where you commit to taking MASSIVE action over 3 weeks and then reward yourself with a week of doing whatever the hell you like (hey, you WILL earn it so don’t freak out).

At the halfway point I’ll run another Success Planning Bootcamp where we’ll review / tweak and re-focus on the goals set at the beginning of the year ready for the final 6 sprints.



There will be a Facebook Group where I’ll be checking in with you daily (Monday through Friday) often going LIVE with bonus content and support along with the 1/2 day bootcamps and monthly live calls.



Downloadable Daily Planner (you’ll use these for the duration of the program).
12 Month Tracker (an integral part of the program).
Downloadable SPRINT Planner (for use with the monthly calls).
Downloadable Goal’s Sheet (for our Success Planning Bootcamps).
I’ll also be creating resources on the fly as they come to me during the course of the program.



I’ll also be adding a series of Pre-recorded Masterclasses on various topics based on the types of goals you’ll be setting such as…





These Masterclasses will come as pre-recorded content along with workbooks and again, I’ll be creating many of these on the fly and on demand based on what YOU want, I LOVE creating content so all you need to do is ask and I’ll create it!



Once you’re signed up you’ll receive a password to access the dashboard where you’ll find everything you need for the program in my usual, easy to navigate style.

You’ll also access the private Facebook Group via the dashboard.



I like to get my planning in EARLY, in fact, I’ve already done mine for 2018!  This is NOT a program that begins on January 1st….we want to be AHEAD of the game when 2018 kicks off.

The program will kick off with the SUCCESS PLANNING ONLINE BOOTCAMP which will take place on THURSDAY 14TH OF DECEMBER @ 11 AM MELBOURNE TIME. This session WILL be recorded (as will all calls) if you can’t make it live.

SO….all that’s left to do now is to choose your package and either get yourself signed up or fill in the application form below if you’d like to take up one of the coaching packages available.