I believed that Facebook groups were a thing of the past and that they weren’t worth the effort because people weren’t buying anything I was selling from within my facebook groups.


I’d tried (and failed) a number of times to get groups off the ground and while the numbers often grew and my members loved the content there was very little interaction and pretty much ZERO sales activity.

Last year when I decided to come back into my coaching business in a big way (I’d taken a brief detour speaking here and in the US) I felt a little shaky about going big with my content on my business page, then there was the fact interaction on FB Pages was way down anyway.

Because of those things I decided I’d create a FB Group so I could speak to a small group of coaches I felt passionate about helping, the last thing on my mind was making money from the group, I really just wanted to serve, get back into the rhythm of delivering great quality and consistent content.

Long story short, I took my coaching business from zero (because I was basically starting again with a new focus) to a $42K month within weeks and it’s consistently generated up to $52K.

That first $42K month came when I had under 60 people in my group which blew my mind and really showed me what was possible.

What I could see very quickly was why my other groups had failed to generate sales.

The focus I had for this group made a massive difference.


The way I began delivering content made a difference.


And how I began to attract people to my group made all the difference.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve had many questions about 2 things…facebook groups & content and yesterday on the live call for my Light & Leveraged Program one of my lovely participants said to me “You have a knack for sharing just the right amount of content that gets us to take action while at the same time we know there is so much more”


My lovely client nailed it, I DO have a knack for sharing content generously, inspiring action AND inspiring sales.


And I’m going to show you exactly how I do that over 7 days.



DAY ONE – Setting Your Facebook Group Up To Win


In this lesson I’ll cover:

Getting Clear About The Focus & Setting A Strong Intention For Your Group.

Naming Your Group So You Attract The RIGHT People.

Setting The Groundrules For Your Group To Ensure YOU Are The Star.

Creating Great Graphics That Will Make Your Group Stand Out.

DAY TWO – Filling Your Facebook Group With The Right People


In this lesson I’ll cover:

Getting Clarity On Who You Want In Your Group And Why.

How To Screen Your Members & Decide Who’s In.

The Main Strategy I Use To Consistently Attract Quality New Members To My Group Every Week.

How You Can Start Using This Same Strategy Right Away.

DAY THREE – Content Mastery


In this lesson I’ll cover:

How To Create The Type Of Content That Inspires Action. 

How Much Free Content To Give Away & Why.

My Formula For Creating Content That Sells.

How I Come Up With My Content Ideas.

DAY FOUR – Running Successful Group Challenges.


In this lesson I’ll cover:

Why & How I Run My Group Challenges.

Choosing Your Challenge Topic.

Choosing How Long To Run Your Free Challenge.

Why The Timing Is Important.

How To Leverage Your Group Challenge & Make Sales.

DAY FIVE – Your Rinse & Repeat Formula For Ongoing Success.


In this lesson I’ll cover:

My Non-negotiables For Ongoing Success.

How I Map Out What I Will Focus On In My Group Each Month & Why.

What To Do When You Run Out Of Content.


This program is self-paced so you can begin immediately upon purchase.


WHAT’S INCLUDED: Recorded Lessons &  Workbooks.