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The Success Planning Bootcamp will run on the 29th but in the meantime why don’t you watch my free 60 Minute Masterclass on how you can automate and scale your coaching business to create a life if IMPACT, ABUNDANCE & FREEDOM.



An online masterclass about how to automate and scale your coaching business so you can avoid reinventing the wheel trying to drum up new clients every month and the rollercoaster ride of FEAST or FAMINE that goes hand in hand with many service-based entrepreneurs.


PART A is all about deciding on what YOUR perfect Ultimate Freedom Machine Business will look like and we’ll be:

Unpacking your best SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE.

Creating the FRAMEWORK for that knowledge.

Deciding on your DELIVERY Model.

PART B is all about driving traffic to your ULTIMATE FREEDOM MACHINE so we’ll be covering:

How to ensure you’re attracting the right target market.

How to create an automated conversion process.

Harnessing the Most effective traffic sources.

I hope to see you on the next page.

Michelle xo