Done With You Packages


One of the things that probably set’s me apart from most other coaches and strategists is that I can help you to bring an idea to life from end to end…what does that mean?

It means that I often work with clients to help them develop a concept and then let them hand me the reins and I take full responsibility for all of the moving parts that will bring your idea to market FAST.

I write the copy.

I build the sales page.

I design the graphics.

I develop the membership site.

In a nutshell I do EVERYTHING that you can’t do to bring your offer to market quickly and with the least amount of fuss.

The price varies for projects like this because every offer is different and the backend work varies..for example if you have a website already and all I need to do is create a sales page that will take me less time than designing and buidling an entire website.

To give you a rough ballpark though..if I were to help you create your signature offer, write the copy, build the sales page, integrate lead automation and scheduling automation and sales training (so you make the most of those leads) the cost is somewhere around $5,000 USD for the complete package. 

Ideas fall down and never get to market because people get stuck in overwhelm and they get stuck with the tech elements..without that to worrry about I can help get to the market faster. 

Oher area’s you might fall down is in structuring the framework for your offer, integrating it into your current business model or know how to write compelling copy that makes your offer jump off the page…again…becauase I do ALL of this for you…it get’s DONE!

You might say this is a done FOR you package however you’re involved in the entire process because this is YOUR baby and I always want to be sure it’s YOUR best thinking we’re working off to create your next big thing.


SO…..are you ready to make your next BIG move happen FAST?