The other thing that really made me look at the platform as something worth persevering with was the number of people signing up for my live events and coming into my FB Group via Instagram even when I wasn’t really doing anything with it.


Since I got committed, I’ve seen some great, high-quality growth of my insta account and I’ve found a rhythm with it that works for me that’s having a tangible impact on my bottom line.


And now I’m ready to teach you how to do the same in a single workshop that will teach you everything you need to know to get started and seeing improvement immediately.


BEHIND THE SCENES – How I’m using Instagram to make digital sales, attract leads, grow my list, grow my group, AND make high-ticket coaching sales.

CLARITY – Why do you want to use Instagram and what do you want to achieve? Knowing why you want to leverage Instagram will dictate the strategy you employ and ultimately the results you’ll experience….I’ll be sharing the 3 main reasons you’ll want to use Instagram and why.

YOUR GROWTH STRATEGY – Based on the clarity you gain in the previous step you’ll be clear on your specific growth strategy.

EXPECTATIONS – What you can expect as far as growth, how long things will take, how much time and effort you’ll need to put in.

HASHTAGS – Hashtags are Instagram’s google search so it’s critical you have the correct hashtags for the clients you intend to reach, I’ll be showing you a quick hack that will save you HOURS of research.

CONTENT – I’ll answer all of the questions I know you have about the type of content you should be posting, how often etc

MY SYSTEM FOR POSTING CONTENT –  I’ve developed a process with lots of hacks that makes posting quick and easy…I’ll be sharing my entire process with you.

TURNING YOUR CONTENT INTO SALES & LEADS – Having followers isn’t enough…it’s what you do with those followers that’s important if you truly want to leverage Instagram as a business growth tool…I’ll be sharing how to do exactly that.

GROWTH TOOLS  Want to get there faster and spend less time on Insta? I’ll share the growth tool I am using right now, how I’m using it, and how and why it’s working for me.

THE MAGICAL 10K FOLLOWERS –  The Swipe-Up feature is a game-changer however you can only access this feature once you reach 10K followers…I’ll be sharing the strategy I would use today (knowing what I know) to get to 10K quickly whilst ensuring quality followers.

I should also mention that you will NOT be required to become an “influencer” or hang your boobs out…we’re all about keeping it classy!




DELIVERY:  This is a digital program so simply purchase and learn on-demand.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT– Once you enrol you’ll receive an email to log in to my member dashboard, from there you’ll click on this program and be take to the program page with the workshop video and workbook.