You’re a great coach and you love what you do….but are you charging what you’re REALLY worth?


As coaches, it’s in our nature to over-deliver because we want a great result for our clients but often this causes a few problems that in time can become big problems.


Burnout and the stirrings of resentment towards our work because we’re working so damned hard with little financial reward are just two of the challenges that many coaches face.


I’ve been coaching since 1991 and I’ve been coaching coaches since 1999 so I know this industry inside out, I know what works and what doesn’t work and what does NOT work is coaches under-charging and over-delivering.


What does work is finding your coaching sweet spot and charging what you’re truly worth because you get results for your clients.


Since 2006 I’ve launched well over 150 group and individual coaching programs both online and offline with prices ranging from $97.00 to $27,000


What I know for sure is that when you’re able to charge a premium for the work you do you’re able to dedicate more time to your clients and this creates a win for you and a big win for your clients because when you are able to give them the attention that a premium coaching packages affords, your client is far more likely to get the result they desire (so long as they hold up their end of the bargain).

When I work with private clients the quickest way I can get them earning income fast is to launch a Sweet Spot $5K Premium Coaching Package that perfectly matches their target markets biggest problems with their signature $5K solution.

I call this The $5K Formula For Coaches and I’m bringing this same information to you in a two-day workshop so that you too can quickly implement The $5K Formula For Coaches to create your own sweet spot premium coaching package AND know how to sell it with confidence.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been in this game a VERY long time and I know what works and this works.

The reason I created this particular formula was because most of the coaches who come to me for private coaching can’t afford to work with me UNLESS I can get them earning good money quickly and the quickest way I can do this, is through helping them create a value-packed and super appealing $5K coaching package their market adores.

When a coach sell’s their first package the distraction of “not enough money” is taken care of and we can dig into the real work of creating a coaching business that introduces a minimum of 3 income streams so their business is robust and able to handle the inevitable financial ups and downs most coaching businesses experience.


So let me tell you who this workshop is for…..

This is a workshop for coaches…life coaches, wellness coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches…and every other sort of coach in between.

There are many consultants and personal trainers out there who also operate coaching-based business models and you are most welcome also.

If you are sick of undercharging and overworking and you’re ready to elevate your business via a high-ticket coaching or consulting package this workshop is the perfect fit for you.

I can’t express enough how valuable the workshop was.

Having small group, focused time with Michelle was invaluable.

She has an incredible ability to quickly understand the nuances of each different business and encapsulate the strengths and benefits clearly and succinctly.

She ignites within the participants a way to connect with their own intuitive understanding of their business and tease out their unique offer that will speak compellingly to potential clients.

She instils a sense of enthusiasm and confidence, a “Can Do” approach that is simple and effective.

Michelle is truly passionate about her clients wins, and so effective in guiding them to attain them and go beyond.

Julie Cumming

Property Educator & Advocate, HATCH PROPERTY




I’m the kind of coach who holds nothing back when delivering my content so I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about why this works and how most people (me included) stuff this up.


While there is no “one size fits all” formula here because that NEVER works, there are core elements to a $5K premium coaching package that make it of VALUE and worth every cent of the high price tag.


In this section, you’ll become very clear on what to do and what not to do when creating your signature $5K program.




If there is one thing I REALLY want you to take away from the day it is this….you can create this thing any way you choose.


You’re building your signature program from the ground up so why not make it easy on yourself by ONLY including the EXACT work you want to be doing with your clients?


In this section, you’ll create the framework for your premium package and I’ll be ensuring you ONLY do the work you love and has the greatest impact for your clients.




You’ll notice that I don’t start talking about your ideal market until AFTER we’ve created your sweet spot offer and that’s because I don’t want your offer to be influenced by the market.


I want you to create your offer based on what YOU love to do and once we’ve done that we then look at the perfect market for your product. Most people do this back to front and wonder why they’re confused!




Most coaches get stuck when it comes to writing compelling sales copy because they’re way too close to their own “stuff”, confusion set’s in, they become highly critical of their work and before they know it another idea is laying on the cutting room floor!


Unless you can clearly articulate what it is you’re selling and why your people need it you WILL struggle to make sales so I don’t want anyone leaving my event without everything they need to create the perfect sales page so this includes your sales copy – the images you’ll be using (I can show you where to access amazing free images if you don’t have any of your own) and I’ll also be sharing how to set up your scheduling page to make booking sessions with you super easy.


HOW TO SELL YOUR PACKAGE WITH CONFIDENCE & EASE (no cheesy selling tactics – 100% CLEAN sales)


There aren’t too many coaches I know who AREN’T freaked out about selling their coaching services and when I tell them they need to double or even triple the prices they’re currently charging this often leads to even more freaking out but trust me when I say that selling your new package will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done.


In this section of the day, I’m going to get you to a place of feeling SO aligned to the value of your program that the selling becomes easy.


I’ll be teaching you how to master your discovery calls to ensure your potential clients see the value so that working with you becomes a no-brainer.




A sweet spot premium coaching package is a great thing to have but if you don’t know how to get those first clients signed up and into your program, it might as well be fresh air!


In this section, I’ll be sharing the strategies I use with my clients to go and get those first few clients signed up and enjoying your services.


You’ll leave armed with everything you need to confidently go out  & sell your first $5K Premium Coaching Package.




I believe that all coaches need to consider more than one income stream and I encourage my clients to have at least 3 ways to earn money within their coaching businesses to create sustainable success and avoid the all too common income fluctuations that take place in many coaching based businesses.


In this bonus section, I’ll be sharing with you the different revenue streams available to you and which ones will work best for you and your coaching business and I’ll also be telling you when I think you should start rolling them out in your business.

This workshop is a game changer. 
I didn’t realise what value I already had in my business that I could package up for my clients and there were several A-ha moments!
Michelle’s innate ability to take what I thought was complicated and present it in an easy to follow formula.
Coupled with her genuine passion and enthusiasm to see each and every one of her clients succeed.
She’s the real deal and it’s not just all strategy either. 
You actually finish the day having put everything you’ve learned into practice and ready to go so there’s nothing stopping you from selling your first $5K Package.
Tegan Marshall



Date: Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st August 2019

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Investment:  $3,497.00+gst

Payment Plan Option: 4 Fortnightly Payments Of $997.00 +gst

Venue: The Olsen, Chapel St South Yarra MELBOURNE


2 Day Program

Restaurant Lunch Both Days

Tea, Coffee & Water

Course Workbook

Wrap Up Drinks (20th)

A BIG thanks to Michelle for the 5k formula for coaches workshop. It was a fabulous day!

It was as such a great feeling to come away with a clear picture of the coaching package which I will kick off when I return from maternity leave. Not to mention coming away from the workshop with the sales page/copy to go with this!

Most of all your workshop helped me make the much-needed shift from seriously undercharging for my services and have less time to devote to my clients, to feeling excited and confident about offering a higher-priced and higher value package. I know it’s absolutely deliverable for me and worth every cent to my clients as well.

Thanks again!

Emily Wilks

Coach, Go Get'm Coaching

So…is it time for you to start charging what you’re worth so you can have a greater impact and enjoy your work a whole lot more?


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 Michelle xo