You can either build a business that becomes a CAGE or one that becomes a FREEDOM MAKING MACHINE on EVERY level of your life.

Hi, I’m Michelle Hext and I want to welcome you to The Leveraged Entrepreneur.

After being in business for over two decades and having coached hundreds of coaches, consultants and trainers over those years here’s what I know….

You want more TIME because you never seem to have enough.

You want more FREEDOM because that’s one of the main reasons you went into business in the first place.

And you want to make more MONEY than you’re making now but you don’t want to work any harder or longer than you are now to make that happen.

And you know that deep down you KNOW it’s possible to manifest the life of your dreams.

Scaling your business by leveraging your TIME and your KNOWLEDGE AND practicing the principles of the Law Of Attraction will help you achieve all of those things…so keep reading.


The most difficult step in scaling your business is getting I right?

When you’re under the pump with client load you don’t have the time to figure it out.

And when you’re in the FAMINE cycle of feast or famine you don’t want to take the risk of launching something new because you want to conserve your funds.

So I’m going to rid you of the three biggest excuses when it comes to getting started.

“I don’t know how”,  “I can’t afford to do this” & “I don’t have time”


This is PRECISELY why I’ve created The Leveraged Entrepreneur.

I know you’re overwhelmed with ideas and information and short on time but I also know that the only way to escape the grind of working hours for dollars is to SCALE.

I’ve launched over 100 programs and products since 2006, as well as authoring 3 books (1 of which is an Amazon Best Seller across 3 categories) and speaking on stage both here and in the US countless times.

I’ve been leveraging my time, skills and knowledge via Online Group Programs, Digital Products, Online Membership Programs, High-end Group Coaching Programs and Masterminds, VIP Days and Retreats for well over a decade and I help my clients to do the same.

I’ve also been practicing the principles of the Law Of Attraction before I even knew it was a thing and I consider these principles a critical inclusion in any run at a higher level of success in ANY area of your life.

And now I want to help YOU to better leverage YOUR time, skills and knowledge AND harness the power of alignment so you can have greater IMPACT, make more MONEY, enjoy more FREEDOM and escape the roller-coaster ride of FEAST or FAMINE where you either have too many clients or not enough. Because let’s face it, THAT alone is exhausting!

Have you had the idea for a Group Coaching Progam?

What about speaking and selling from the stage?

Perhaps a High-Ticket Mastermind Program?

Maybe a low-cost digital e-course?

If you’ve ever had the inkling to do any of the above, or something similar, YOU are in the right place…so keep reading.


Now it’s time for me to give you the GOOD news and the not so good news……are you ready?


Let’s start with the not so good news because I like to separate the “will’s” and the “will not’s” early.

Creating a profitable business built to scale so you work less and earn much more for your efforts takes work.

It takes thinking work and it takes implementation work.

And it takes time.

Sometimes it takes far longer than you’d like for your scaled offerings to launch and to bear fruit ie: this is NOT a get rich quick, make millions overnight type deal here.

If I haven’t lost you yet then keep on reading because shit is about to get exciting because here’s the GOOD news!

If you’re willing to learn new skills and you’re willing to IMPLEMENT those new skills I can help you.

The ENTIRE nature of this membership program is geared towards helping you scale your business, using the perfect MODEL for YOU and your specific business.

Want to launch that online program?  I WILL show you how to do that  – every step of the way.

Want to launch your high-ticket group coaching program? I WILL show you how to do that, AND how not to do it based on experience.

Want to create that evergreen digital e-course? Yup, you guessed it…I WILL show you how to do that too.

I’m also going to show you how you can have GLOBAL IMPACT and attract your tribe.

I’ll teach you how to PROMOTE your programs and digital products.

How to create a steady stream of high-quality CONTENT that your tribe is going to love.

I’ll teach you how to map out your programs so you’re not overwhelming your clients but giving them enough to deliver the outcome you’ve promised them.

I’ll teach you how to create program and product packages that are irresistible.

And how to price them.

I’ll teach you all of the TECH SKILLS you need to know to EASILY get your online programs launched with little fuss.

I’ll teach you how to build a kickass LEAD MAGNET so you’re attracting a steady stream of leads into your business.

And how to run Facebook Ads Campaigns SIMPLY and with zero overwhelm.

How to create WEBSITES, SALES PAGES (like this one) and SALES FUNNELS.

And more…PLUS I’m always learning new stuff…when I learn it and I know it works I’ll be sharing it with you.


So what’s that worth to you?


What would it be worth to have the skills, information and tools to create a LEVERAGED Business?

One where for every hour you put into your business gave you a MUCH bigger bang for your buck.

What would it be worth to free up your TIME so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy OUTSIDE of your business?

To have more FREEDOM? Creative freedom, time freedom and most importantly the freedom to be 100% YOU in your business?

What would it be like to even out your CASHFLOW so you can avoid the rollercoaster of FEAST OR FAMINE?

What would it feel like to know that you’ll be learning skills every month that build on your ability to continue to scale your business and grow your audience?

I reckon that’s worth a LOT, don’t you?


You thought I had good news before? Well, THIS is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Because I’m NOT going to charge you thousands.

I’m not even going to charge you hundreds.

Each month I’m only going to charge you LESS than you spend on coffee every week!

At $20.00 a month, this membership is going to become your SECRET WEAPON.


The doors open for 1 week only on Tuesday, MAY 21st 


(NOTE: This membership is available to both men and women)