Sometimes you just don’t need a full coaching program and just need someone to help you get back on track and re-focused on your next move.

I always achieve a lot with my clients in a single hour, we move mountains!


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Hi Michelle, how are you?

I just wanted to share with you my journal entry yesterday and to thank you.

I was already determined and savvy before I met you, but life over the last 18 months has thrown a lot of crap at me.

What you instilled in me was persistence and paid off with me Winning Small Business Awards last night out of 12200 businesses and being scaled down to finalists and WINNER of my category!

I am proud of my resilience, the ethics I work under and the amazing team I have created.

So just wanted to say thank you for your part in it x

Melissa Daniels SALON OWNER & COACH


Working with you is priceless. There is no better feeling than to hire a coach who takes the time to know me, lead me to my greater work – and share the joy.

You helped me to release my inner warrior-ess so I can continue to help my client’s release theirs in a big way.

I will continue to work with you all the way to 6 figures and beyond. All the while healing hundreds of women together. When you support me through my clients. That’s what it’s all about. You’re priceless. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

As I fearlessly lead my client’s, you fearlessly lead me to grow. There are no true words to express my gratitude. Truly.

Your wisdom combined with knowledge and experience is a perfect formula for successful coaching.

We did it! We found my perfect rand. I can’t wait for my log, I can’t stop thinking about it!

I signed an amazing new client today and it was effortless because of the law of attraction to my new brand and my new perspective. Tha





My sales are ever increasing, and I expect that to continue.

I’m so grateful for your patience and generosity and for what I’ve learned in these past 2 months.

Tears of happiness, fulfilment, and so much gratefulness flowing right now.

Thank-you so much for blessing my life.

This isn’t the end, but only the beginning.

Jennifer Harris Turpin COACH






When I first came to Michelle I had a brand I was not aligned to and a business that was making me miserable.

Michelle has this magical way of unlocking all of the answers you have deep down within you, uncovering your true purpose and passion, I can’t really explain how she does it!

Within a week we had completely rebranded my business and Michelle helped me execute the most beautiful brand, a brand that get’s attention and that I am 100% proud of.








Hello there everyone,

I came across Michelle in a different business group about 5 years ago after I visited Australia. At the time I was interested in building a business in Australia and I came across Michelle online and I was completely drawn to her ballsy, take no shit approach”. This girl knows her shit. I was intrinsically attracted to Michelle’s story.

I hired Michelle as a business coach. As a business owner I signed up to Michelle’s Kickass Academy coaching Programme which has finished now but at the time my mental health was starting to diminish at due to injuries in sport and I wasn’t able to fully commit to her programme fully.

As fitness instructor I understand the frustration of pushing someone that is great but is just not ready to be pushed when mental health falls down. As a business coach that I hired with Michelle, I can only imagine Michelle’s frustration in how she felt pushing me when my mental health was holding me back

At the time Michelle really believed in me and she believed in the online presence of doing facebook lives. She was encouraging us to do the same at the time back then but I couldn’t face it. I hadn’t the courage compared to Michelle so I had to step out of Michelle’s programme at the time as my fears were holding me back.

I had to let myself go and develop my wings to grow and come back stronger but Michelle had the patience and belief in me.

With working on my self and journaling offside and I have been able to turn things around for myself.

It was mental health week in Ireland last week and I decided that I would do a Facebook video. I finally plucked up the courage and I was going to do a Facebook LIVE but I’ve no good signal in my house so I shared a video how I felt about my fears and it went viral.

I am a normal person or a “normal joe soap” as they call it in Ireland and I decided to “ Feel the fear and do it anyways” Susan Jeffries. I did the Facebook video and I shocked everyone and It went viral within the first 6 days to 14k views.

Michelle was jumped online so delighted I faced my fears. Michelle was chuffed that I finally faced my fears, after all she taught me. She knew I had done a lot behind the scenes.

Ok for a lot of you that don’t know Michelle Hext personally, or online, this girl has your back when you’re ready to work. She knows her shit. This girl won’t bullshit you into false presence. What you see is what you get with this girl and she wears her heart on her sleeve.

I’m from Ireland, she works and I trust her ☘️ Go wan Michelle ☘️




Since Michelle has been mentoring me I have to say, my entire world has changed for the better.

Basically, when we met I was in a job that I was terribly unhappy in.

In a nutshell, Michelle took me under her wing and gave me the guidance and encouragement I needed to find my way.

During just one meeting we managed to come up with a solution to everything.
After quickly pinpointing high-end personal assistance as my strength, we managed to pull together a business name, register all of the information with the legal departments here in Australia, confirm my domain names AND strategies on my business plan.
This was all in one meeting.

I actually decided to resign from my job there and then, and under Michelle’s expert guidance, I managed to replace my income in only 1 week with my new business.

Within 3 months I was earning more than I have ever earned.. and I am currently having to turn away work because demand is just so high! My husband still laughs about how incredibly ‘easy’ it all seems to have been.

There is something different about Michelle’s coaching that sets her apart from the rest.

She is personable, approachable and open to just about every suggestion I ever had.. she showed me ways of adapting ideas to suit my personal brand and just always made herself available to me when I needed her.  Whatever your reason for wanting to coach with Michelle, I would highly recommend her.

I’m yet to meet someone who has worked with her, whose life she hasn’t changed.

Casey Merrigan VA




Michelle declutters the journey to entrepreneurship clearly and succinctly.
Asking insightful questions with warmth and sense of humour that get you thinking big picture.











Michelle has changed the direction of my life!

For years, I have been carrying this big idea inside of me with absolutely no idea how to make it happen. I was stuck, unable to see a way out of my 9 to 5 existence.

The hour I spent with Michelle was one of the most productive and inspiring of my life. By the end of the session, I had gained clarity around what I needed to do to realise my vision and had developed a plan to get there within the next 12 months.

Michelle has a real gift for cutting through all the reasons you put in your own way with regards to why you can’t do something and making you see that it really is possible.
Life is exciting again!

Lauren Beckett COACH




You’ll notice the same names keep popping up, that’s because my fabulous clients keep coming back 🙂