HANGOVER IDENTITY – How you see yourself now, why it’s holding you back & what you need to accept, adapt or ignore to move past this and be ready and open to seeing what makes you AH-MAZING.

FINDING YOUR VIBE – How to uncover the real you, the very best parts of you, and to step fully into this identity..the one that will play a bigger game and go “all in” on growing your global coaching empire with bulletproof confidence.

YOUR SOUL ALIGNED BRAND VIBE – How to craft all aspects of your brand…the way it looks, the way it feels, the things you stand for…all super important for attracting high-quality clients who will adore and appreciate you.

YOU ARE A VIBE – How to immediately move forward and start not only bringing your brand to life but how to BE the brand and start showing up as the high-ticket global coach you know you’re meant to be.


PRE-WORKSHOP PREPARATION – You’ll receive a workbook and video with the work I need you to do before you watch the workshop.

THE WORKSHOP RECORDING & WORKBOOK – The workshop runs for 2 hours and is made all the more valuable for the Q&A session at the end.


THE COST: $497 USD – I’m keeping the cost of this program low because I want to make it accessible to everyone because I believe that most of you need the work we’ll be doing on this workshop.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT– Once you enrol you’ll receive an email to log in to my member dashboard, from there you’ll click on this program and be taken to the program page with the program content…you can get started immediately.

Client Branding Testimonial

When I first came to Michelle I had a brand I was not aligned to and a business that was making me miserable.

Michelle has this magical way of unlocking all of the answers you have deep down within you, uncovering your true purpose and passion, I can’t really explain how she does it!

Within a week we had completely rebranded my business and Michelle helped me execute the most beautiful brand, a brand that gets attention and that I am 100% proud of.

Jess Birnie