Are you a coach who SUCKS at selling?


If you’re telling yourself you can’t sell, you hate selling or you’re no good at selling you’re in the right place because this 5 Day Bootcamp is going to very quickly give you the tools you need to become a CONFIDENT and CLASSY sales person…become that and you’re business will bloom.


Once upon a time, I did EVERYTHING I could to avoid having to run sales calls (aka Discovery Calls) because I sucked at them and my conversion rate confirmed this…it wasn’t great…and so I figured discovery calls were a waste of time.


But what I noticed is that all of the coaches I saw who were successful were running calls and they LOVED them…for a long time I would shake my head and think “how????” and “why???”,  I could NOT for the life of me understand how these coaches found this stuff enjoyable when I’d rather pull nose hairs than run these calls.

During a lean patch in my coaching business I was in hustle mode and willing to do things I hadn’t done before and I knew that sales calls worked…I was witnessing friends of mine hit ridiculous numbers in their coaching businesses BECAUSE they were doing sales calls…so I knew this was what I had to do.

BUT I had to do it MY way because following a dodgy script someone else had written for me or some sales formula some pumped up sales guru was touting did NOT work for me at all.

I eliminated all of the BS and did it my way…what was revealed was a simple method that worked over and over again…this program is that method.

The method I’ll be sharing with you over 7 days is NOT a one size fits all formula that I expect you to blindly follow but instead, I’ll be sharing the process that works for me and together we’ll find the process that works for YOU.


Ultimately the confidence you need to sell with ease and grace MUST come from doing it YOUR way, in a way that feels good for YOU.


I’ll be helping you lay the foundations for confident selling and guiding you to uncover a way of selling that excites you.


That said if you prefer to just do what I do because you think it will work for you too then have at it! I’m ALL for using what already works!


I want selling to become so easy for you that you don’t even think about it anymore…I want you to be EXCITED about running discovery calls because you KNOW that for every call you do it will almost always result in a sale.


I’m going to show you exactly how to get to that place over 7 days.



DAY ONE – Laying The Foundations


In this lesson I’ll cover:

Why You’ve Sucked At sales Till Now – And Why It’s Not Your Fault.

Eliminating Your Confidence Blockers.

Being Sales Ready – Having A Clear Offer – Being Prepared For A Yes!

DAY TWO – Successful Selling Mindset


In this lesson I’ll cover:

The Mindset You Need To Become A Successful Seller.

How To Tap Into The Confidence Energy & Mindset You Need Quickly.

How To Begin Identifying As A Confident, Successful Coach Who Sells With Grace & Ease.

DAY THREE – Pre-Screening To Increase Conversions


In this lesson I’ll cover:

Why Pre-Screening Is Important.

How I Screen My Discovery Calls So That Sales Become A Formality. 

The Systems I Use & How I Use Them.


DAY FOUR – Discovery Call Mastery


In this lesson I’ll cover:

How I Run My Discovery Calls & Why They Convert So Well.

Mapping Out Your Discovery Call Process.

How To Avoid The Awkward Bit At The End (the bit where you ask for the sale).

DAY FIVE – Attracting Discovery Calls Through Content


In this lesson I’ll cover:

The Types Of Content That Inspire Action.

Content Creation Mastery.

What To Do When You Run Out Of Content.


This program begins on Wednesday 5th June and will include daily live workshops and workbooks.  It will be fast paced and is designed to develop the skills you need quickly so you can begin implementing fast.


*All calls will be recorded for anyone unable to make the live calls.