I developed The $5K Formula For Coaches kind of by accident (more on that in a moment) but it has turned out to be the most successful program I’ve ever created and when I say successful I mean for myself AND for my clients with the average time it takes to get a return on investment is 10 days or less!


Yes….my clients are actually making the money back that they invest with me within 10 days or less with the average person selling 2 packages in our time together with my star pupil having sold 4 x $5K Packages in a little under 4 weeks.


This program works but let me tell you HOW stumbled across my now tried and tested formula.


I’m a high-ticket coach, meaning I charge a premium fee for the 27years of experience and wisdom I bring to my clients (I’ve been coaching since 1991 and coaching coaches since 1999) and contrary to popular belief most of the clients that start with me are NOT flushed with funds, in fact, many of the coaches who choose to work with me are failing….often failing badly and have been for a long time. Usually, it’s been a process for them to get to a position of being able to afford my first month’s coaching fees.


This used to cause problems because while I knew I could help my clients they were SO distracted by money fear and scarcity it made it VERY difficult to do my job properly and clients wanted to rush things and chop and change things when they hadn’t worked within 5 minutes and to be honest, it felt like a royal shit-show.


I felt pressured as a coach and my clients felt desperate for results but were so deep in lack and scarcity they just weren’t in the right headspace to implement the strategies I knew would work for them.


I decided that I needed to find a way to remove the money distraction so we could focus on the real work that needed to be done, work that takes time….time clients don’t think they have when all they can think about is “show me the money”.


That idea becomes The $5K Formula For Coaches.


I knew my clients got hung up on the tech stuff and that even though we had created their packages they weren’t selling them because it took so long to get a sales page up that the energy for the package was lost – so now sales pages (including copywriting) are included in all of my programs so there is no delay in selling a product my clients are excited about.

I discovered that most coaches SUCK at discovery calls and so many coaches avoided doing them when discovery calls are our bread and butter so if you’re a coach you NEED to be good at nailing those discovery calls – so now I spend a LOT of time training my clients in how to love doing discovery calls that convert well.

Speed is critical when you develop a new program because nothing can compare with the energy you generate when you’re excited about your latest product, otherwise, it becomes another idea that falls away – so now I have my clients booking discovery calls and selling FAST, within days of starting with me.

Lack of confidence was also a major issue for clients selling their high-ticket program – so now my client’s packages are 100% SWEET SPOT offering’s, meaning that there is ZERO friction or resistance about selling because my clients KNOW they can deliver the outcome promised with ease.

My zone of genius is helping coaches unpack what they do well naturally so we can nail their sweet spot coaching package that they CANNOT wait to get out there and start selling it because they know the impact this is going to have on their future clients.


The $5K Formula For Coaches has now become my signature program. 



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