This page is COMPLETELY unrelated to what I do as an entrepreneur these days BUT it is the other part of my life….a big part….so if you want to get to know what makes me tick outside of business this is the place to come 🙂


I’ll be blogging about training and my adventures along the way to grading for my 6th degree black belt in TKD, hopefully in 2020..we’ll see.

I’d been toying with the idea of kicking off a training only profile because my business insta was being inundated with training spam and it’s not really for that and so of course when I do things I’m ALL IN so knew I’d want a place to blog as well and refused to create a separate website…so here we are (you’ll probably only find this page if you come via insta).

Who am I outside of being a pretty awesome business coach and mentor to coaches?

I’m a 50 year old woman who began training in martial arts when she was 22 years old and it’s no word of a lie when I say I’m as passionate about training now as I was when, as a 22 year old I would wear my dobok around the house just for fun.

Over the years I have owned and operated martial arts schools (including a womens-only full time dojang), authored books on martial arts and the business of martial arts, competed in sparring, was honoured with an induction into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame (2014), created online MA training programs and even launched a MA Magazine….and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten to mention.

Oh yeah! There was that time I jumped on the Billy Blanks Tae-bo bandwagon and created my own MA to music (kick-fit) and sold that to martial arts schools so they could safely run Tae-bo type classes without having their asses sued.

You could say this thing called Martial Arts is in my blood 🙂

So…here I am…after a VERY disrupted few years of training with various injuries…2 hips surgeries, deep calf tears and various other bits and pieces but I’ve spent some time getting my body right and it feels ready to rock and roll.

In the interim and in between (while I’ve managed injuries) I’ve trained Muay Thai here in Australia and in Thailand, tried my hand at BJJ (wasn’t my jam at the time but never say never!), ninjitsu and boxing.

I’m also a massive gym junkie…once upon a time I owned gyms, 2 online fitness businesses and was a qualified PT for close to 20 years.

I’ve learned a lot and I know a lot but the thing I adore about Martial Arts is that it can only take a single moment to feel as though you’ve been thrust back to white belt 🙂

I’ve been due for my 6th dan (time-wise) for quite a few years now but am no-where near where I need to be to even start thinking about that after such a big break.

With a body that’s had it’s fair share of injuries (MA related of course) I’m prepared for some ups and downs but this is my journey towards 6th dan…from ground zero.

Enjoy! Michelle xo


In order to keep this site separate from my training I’ll be using my old school blogspot blog for now.  

New blog posts on the way but for now you can check out my       old blog if you like….from time to over the years I’ve dipped back in and out of this blog…I love it’s history so much!

Don’t love the way I used to title the my blog posts by date!!! #rookieerror